5 Common Roller Shutter Problems and Fixes

Roller shutters are popular for both residential and commercial properties. A lot of property owners install roller shutters in Ellenbrook to secure their properties and enhance their privacy. However, roller shutters can have problems since they are not perfect. It is easy to fix some of the roller shutter problems. 

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Here are the 5 common roller shutter problems and fixes: 

1. Code Clashing 

Once your neighbour installs roller shutters on their property, the code of your system can conflict with the code of your neighbours. The purpose of the code is to automate the roller shutters. 

Fix – Confirm if one of your neighbours recently installed roller shutters. If that is the case, you need to contact experts to resolve the problem. 

2. Roller Shutters Close or Open Half Way 

Roller shutters have proximity sensors. The purpose of the proximity sensors is to open and close the roller shutters. If dirt covers the sensors or the sensors get damaged, your roller shutters may close or open halfway. 

Fix – Turn off the power. Then, clean any dirt or debris covering your proximity sensors. Make sure the proximity sensors are in the right place. 

3. Stuck Roller Shutters 

Roller shutters can get stuck. Therefore, you may have to use extra force to open or close your roller shutters. The problem is usually with the mechanisms of your roller shutters. 

Fix – Lubricate your roller shutters. Lubricating the roller shutters can make the mechanism move smoothly again. Use the best lubricant to lubricate your roller shutters. 

4. Dents and Damage

Damage and dents to roller shutters can interfere with the operation of the roller shutters. In some cases, your roller shutters can stop working. This problem mostly occurs with commercial roller shutters. 

Fix – If you can see visible damage or dents on your roller shutters, contact qualified professionals to inspect your roller shutters. The professionals can fix any damage to your roller shutters. 

5. Faulty Motor

There are some roller shutters with motors. The motor raises and lowers the roller shutters. So, if the motor fails, the roller shutter fails. This is because the motor can no longer raise or lower the roller shutters. 

Fix – Repair or replace the motor. Once you repair the motor, you need to maintain your motor to prevent motor problems. 

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How Betta Security can help fix Roller Shutter in your Ellenbrook house?

Roller shutters can secure your house and enhance your privacy. Therefore, if you have problems with your roller shutters, contact experts to repair or replace them. If you are looking for experts to fix your roller shutter problems, contact Betta Security today.