5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Roller Shutter for Your House

Roller shutters consist of interlocking aluminium shafts for covering openings such as doors and windows. Installing roller shutters for your home in Ellenbrook will provide it with added privacy, light control, insulation and security.

Another benefit of roller shutters is that they can increase the fire-resistance of your home. This is important in Perth suburbs such as Ellenbrook, which can be prone to nearby bushfires during the summer months.

If you are considering getting roller shutters for your home, here are the factors to consider first:


Determine how much you can spend on roller shutters. As a general principal, it is always good to buy the best you can afford. When it comes to roller shutters, cheap models can function poorly over time and cost you more in the long run. 

On that note, we provide robust, secure, high quality roller shutters from our shop in the Midland area. We aim to provide competitive prices without compromising quality. 


Roller Shutters offer different security levels. Higher quality shutters have a higher level of intruder resistance, but generally will come with a higher price tag. If security is a priority for you, make sure you factor this in when purchasing roller shutters for your home.

roller shutter in Ellenbrook house


As you can probably infer from this article, there is a huge variation in quality amongst Roller Shutters on the market. Quality built roller shutters will last a lot longer and in many cases come with a warranty. 

The mechanisms used by roller shutters can degrade over time with constant use. Higher quality products will retain their function over time, even when used daily. If you are not sure which products are more durable than others, chat with the team at Betta Security who will be happy to advise you on the higher quality, more durable products on the market.

Colour and Design

Roller Shutters come in a wide range of colours and designs. Before you purchase your shutters, consider the many different types and colours available to determine which will be the best fit for your home. 

Having some idea about the design and colour will help determine the product you eventually choose for your home. Perhaps take a recent photo of your home with you so you can show the sales consultant and get their advice on which products will match the style of your home.



Ensure you choose a reputable company with an established presence in the market. This will increase the likelihood of ongoing support and care for your products. You never know what the future holds, so it is good to work with a company who is likely to still be there in the long run so that you can build an ongoing resource you can turn to for future additions, functions, servicing, maintenance and upgrades to your investment.

On that note, Betta Security has a strong history of providing excellent products and services for our customers. We have a 4.8 out 5 star average rating from our customers. Our focus is on providing personal care and solutions to each of our customers.

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