Can Roller Shutters Be Broken Into?

Thieves, burglars and most criminals do not usually attempt to break into a roller shutter. It takes time and lots of effort to break into a roller shutter. Therefore, criminals avoid them since they do not want to risk getting caught. 

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Why Is Roller Shutter Considered to Be Secure?

Criminals do not attempt to break into roller shutters because of the noise they make when you open and close them. Therefore, if the criminal attempts to force open or break into the roller shutters, the noise the roller shutters will make will alert people immediately. 

Additionally, many companies use strong materials to make roller shutters. Therefore, the criminals need to have special equipment or tools to break into roller shutters. It is impossible to break into roller shutters with just bare hands.

Can the Roller Shutter Be Cut?

Criminals can attempt to cut the material of the roller shutter. It is extremely difficult to cut through the material. In fact, the criminal will need a special power tool to cut through the steel or aluminium material. Power tools are noisy. So, criminals cannot use them. That is why they will not bother to cut roller shutters. 

Can the Roller Shutter Be Force Opened? 

Criminals usually use brute strength to force open roller shutters. However, criminals cannot force open roller shutters made from strong materials. In addition, if the criminal attempts to force open a roller shutter, they can make a lot of noise which increases the chances of them getting caught or altering the local police if unusual movement is detected on the roller shutter. That is why criminals will not attempt to force open roller shutters. 


Installing a roller shutter in your house can protect your home and belongings from intruders. Once you decide to install a roller shutter, you need to hire experienced professionals to install them. 
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