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Get a high quality Fly Screen that keeps the bugs out, deters intruders but does not detract from your views outside.

Fly screens should be a beautiful accessory to your home while providing you the insect protection needed to enjoy the outdoors views around the house. You’ll want to invest in a screen door that’s strong enough to withstand the elements and provide security to keep unwanted intruders from your home.

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David & Kellie Elliot

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Many homes incorporate one or more sliding or hinge doors as part of the access entry, entertainment areas, laundry door and patios. In the past it has been difficult to add security doors that do not compromise the views or value of a timber entry door.

What Makes a Fly Screen Secure?

Stainless Steel Mesh

The mesh is made from heavy-duty stainless steel that has AS5041-2008 Knife Shear clearance. Invisi-Gard fly screens have high corrosion resistance which passes Australian Safety Standard Tests against all kind of natural elements:

  • Intense UV rays
  • salt spray
  • fire attenuation
  • bushfire
  • cyclone impact rated

Fly screens with metal grade mesh ensure a high tensile factor that should pass strict industry pressure and load standards.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Frames

Heavy duty aluminium screen frames can absorb up to 10x allowable Australian energy standards and are also used in industrial and architectural level projects. With a quality frame, the stainless steel mesh can be enclosed in a stronger, more durable fashion.

Locking System

A quality security screen will be able to withstand the Jemmy Test. This is an Australian standard to check how well security doors can withstand lever attacks from thieves.

A lot of this comes down to a quality lock mechanism. Ask us today about fly screen systems that pass the Jemmy Test.

Benefits of a Quality Fly Screen

Protection from Insects and the Elements

Enjoy your home’s outdoor living spaces with better peace of mind. Invisi-Gard fly screens are perfect not only for your patio or pool areas – they can also brighten up entryways and entertainment areas.

A Long-Term Investment that Blends Well With Any Home Design

With our range of elegant design and style choices, you won’t have to settle with just one look. You can customise frames and add a sightline.

Provides Added Security Without Compromising Fresh Outdoor Views

With a quality, secure fly screen, you can maintain your view outside without compromising on security. No longer to you need to lock yourself in your house and block views outside to maintain a good level of security.

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