How To Clean Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors are built to be tough. But like all things, change is inevitable over time due to various factors. If you want your security screen doors to last long, it’s wise to always keep them clean and in good condition. Doing maintenance cleaning of security screen doors may seem difficult, but it isn’t.

Tips on how to effectively clean security screen doors

  1. Start by cleaning the screen first—dry clean the screen by removing the dust or dirt, with a soft brush or vacuum. Put a rag on the floor below the screen to absorb excess water while cleaning.
  2. Dip your micro-fibre cloth or sponge in a bucket with mild detergent dissolved in water and wring out excess liquid to avoid dripping. Gently wipe the screen in a top to bottom motion. You may use a soft brush to remove sturdy grit or grime. Do not use sandpaper or harsh abrasives to avoid scratching the screen.
  3. Rinse the screen by either spraying with low-pressure water or by micro-fibre cloth dipped in clean water. Repeat until the screen is visibly clean.
  4. Wipe the screen with a dry micro-fibre cloth until the entire area becomes dry.
  5. Next, clean the frame and tracks by wiping them with your cloth dipped in a bucket of water-dissolved detergent. You may use a soft brush for stubborn grit or grime. Avoid dripping liquid on the locking mechanism as it can corrode and damage it.
  6. Wipe the frames and tracks with clean, dry cloth.

Other maintenance tasks to do for security screen doors

  • Check and replace damaged rollers.
  • Lubricate the locks and hinges with graphite powder. Do not use oil products as it attracts dust and dirt.
  • Check the screws and rivets. Tighten loose parts or replace missing screws or rivets.