How to Maintain Roller Shutters?

The Importance of Maintenance

Roller shutters provide many benefits to homeowners, from providing security to weather protection, privacy, noise, light control, and power saving. However, this house fixture is not unlike many machines. They are not spared from wear and tear and rapid dilapidation, especially if not properly taken care of. Below are tips on how you can maintain your roller shutters.

How to Maintain Your Roller Shutters

1. Clean and Polish Them

Clean the tracks

Before applying any water into the fixture, remove any debris and particles. Look for those that might have stuck or built up either in the bottom bar or in the shutter.

Wash the Roller Shutters

After removing dirt and foreign debris, clean the shutters with soap and water. Wipe thoroughly with a cloth drenched in soap and water until the shutter is visibly clean. Use neither a high-pressurised water spray nor any abrasive materials in cleaning the shutter as it could chip off the shutter’s paint.

Make sure it does not enter the mechanism box as it could lead to malfunctioning for motorised shutters.

Apply wax

After the shutter is cleaned, you can apply car wax to polish and restore its glow.

2. Lubricate

Applying a lubrication agent to the bearing enables your shutter to roll up and down smoothly. It is advisable to use lubricating agents such as petroleum grease or light oil that have an anti-static formula than silicon-based greases because the latter would attract dirt.

Spray ample lubricant to the bearing and the guides. Maintain it every six months or annually depending on the bearing and guides’ situation.

3. Check Parts

If the shutter still does not go up and down smoothly despite the lubrication, check its spring. It may already need re-tension because of strain.

For motorised and remote-controlled shutters, check the remote control of the battery if it has still enough stored power.

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