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Since we first opened our doors to our customers, Betta Security has had a longstanding reputation as a provider of high-quality home security measures. But did you know that we also do patios these days? That’s right. We now offer patio-building services that can transform your backyard into the perfect venue for home entertaining, family time, and relaxation in general. At Betta Security, we take pride in using high-quality materials paired with our signature craftsmanship to create the patio of your dreams.

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David & Kellie Elliot
David & Kellie Elliot

Betta Security were professional and accomodating and we would have no hesitation recommending their services...

What Sets Betta Security Apart from others?

High-quality Workmanship

Our clients in Western Australia know and recommend us for our team’s impeccable attention to detail. We heed their insistence on the use of excellent materials to create an equally great product. Ultimately, we ensure that each project is finished to spec to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Promptness and Efficiency

From inquiry and inspection to construction and turnover, we do everything in a timely fashion and are quick to respond to any of our clients’ concerns. We also ensure that we do an outstanding job within the stipulated contract period and frequently check in with our clients concerning their project’s progress.

Excellent After-sales Service

Many builders finish the project and then leave their clients to their own devices. That’s not how we work at Betta Security. Even after we’ve signed off on a project, our lines are always open so that we can help our clients with any additional concerns or do maintenance work on any installations we’ve done for them.

Custom Design for a Patio Uniquely Your Own

As with our other product lines, we believe in giving our clients the creative freedom to design their patio to their specific requirements. We can customise any project to spec, and clients can select materials from our showroom. We can also drop by for a free measure-and-colour-match appointment to ensure that your patio is in sync with your home’s overall look.

Quality is What Makes Betta Security Patios Better

As with our home security products, quality is one key factor that makes our patios better. We source the best possible materials to ensure that your patio can be enjoyed for years to come, waterproof and resilient against all but the harshest weather conditions. Paired with good craftsmanship, you get a patio that you can be proud to show off to your family and friends.

Likewise, we ensure that your patio roof is properly insulated, enabling you to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably even on the hottest days of summer or the chilliest days of winter.

Other Than a Patio, You Need Us for Security Screens

From security doors to fly screens, we are ready to help. So if you're in Perth, give us a call at (08)9250 1502 or visit our showroom at U2/59 Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan WA 6056. We're open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Mondays to Fridays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage do I get from installing a patio?

Having a patio means being able to enjoy the use of your backyard even in hotter or colder months. It’s a great a place to use as a sheltered play area for younger children or, in an adults-only household, a good venue for setting up a hot tub or a gaming area. Whichever way you use it, having a patio gives you more space to entertain family and friends.

Can I have my patio custom designed?

Yes, you can. Based on discussions with our clients, we can help create a custom patio for specific requirements.

Can you tell me what sort of patio I should have for my home?

It would have to depend on what sort of purpose and aesthetic you’re gunning for. For the most part, residential patios can be done as either gabled to make a space look bigger or flat for a more streamlined look. Also, we can do patio-style roofing for areas like carports or walkways.

What’s your coverage area?

We work with clients within the Greater Perth Area and accept projects throughout Western Australia.