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David & Kellie Elliot
David & Kellie Elliot

Betta Security were professional and accomodating and we would have no hesitation recommending their services...

The door is frequently the first line of defence when it comes to maintaining a secure home. It’s the first point of entry for attackers, thus worthwhile to invest in quality. Installing security screen doors particularly is an excellent approach to keep intruders out of your home. It keeps the property and its contents safe.

About Betta Security

At Betta Security Ellenbrook, we believe that you should have the top-most sense of security in your house. As such, we are founded on a culture of quality productions, which is applied heavily in the manufacture of high-quality security doors, security screens, roller shutters, and fly screens. 

We Have Security Screens for all Purposes and Budgets

Security screens are needed in buildings for various purposes. We have a wide variety ranging from residential to commercial security screens. Most importantly, our prices are flexible depending on the type of security screen. As a result, our security screens can be customised to suit any budget.

Features of our Ellenbrook Security Screens


A security screen can only offer safety if it is break-proof. This is exactly what our security screens offer. They are made in such a way that thieves and intruders cannot get access to your private residence.

Custom Design

At Betta Security, we appreciate that customers have different tastes and preferences. As a result, our security screens are custom-made to the likings of the buyer. This allows them to pick their favourite colours and designs.

Saves Money

If you are on a budget and are looking for the best security screens in Ellenbrook, Betta Security is your plug. Our security screen doors are sold at competitive market prices, and you are guaranteed to find a security screen that matches your pocket and preferences.

Protection from Corrosion

Our security screens come with a special coating that protects them from corrosion. That said, homeowners do not have to worry about rain and other factors that cause corrosion.

Fire Safety

Betta Security manufactures fireproof security screen. This adds to their quality and ability to keep a home secure from hazards.

Why choose Betta Security for your Security Screens in Ellenbrook ?

1. Premium Customer Service

With highly trained personnel onboard, our customer service is the best. We are always available online as well as physically, making it easy for our customers to reach us with any queries.

2. Obligation-Free Quote

If you are just looking for a quotation, you can receive it for free at Betta Security. This makes it easy for you to budget and make financial plans in good time.

3. Quality

Since quality production is our priority, all our security screens are of high quality. Notably, a security screen can only serve its purpose when it is of the right quality.

4. Made in West Australia

Our security screens are manufactured in West Australia, meaning that they are perfect for WA houses. The designs of our security screens match that of houses in the region, making them a perfect fit.

5. Care and Maintenance Post-installation

At Betta Security, we not only offer installation services, but we also follow up to make sure that the security screens are properly maintained. This helps in keeping your residence secure at all times.

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Homeowners looking for the best security screens in Ellenbrook, contact us. We offer the best deals in the market, making it easy for you to get high-quality security screens at affordable prices.