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Choosing the Right Security Screen

When it comes to protecting a home, choosing the right security screen is as important as selecting what kind of solid door to use. You’ll need to safeguard high use spaces like patios and laundry areas, especially if they lead to the interior of your house.

Before anything else, think about what level of security you’ll need, and the type of neighbourhood you have. People with small children or pets might require a different level of protection than those who don’t have them. (Pet doors are particularly discouraged because they compromise a door’s security.)

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Security Screen

Security screens not only shield your home from annoying pests, but screen doors also do the double duty of keeping unwanted intruders out. You will want to consider the following factors if you want the added protection of a security screen on your property:

1. What Kind of Mesh and Frame Materials Are Used

Regular fly screens do a poor job of guarding a home, so people are advised to stay away from screen doors with Aluminum mesh. They can easily dent and break. A security screen will have to be made of stainless steel, with a 316 metal grade.

This material ensures that the screen is corrosion-resistant, attack and impact-proof, and won’t easily bend out of shape. Screen frames should be specially reinforced to keep the mesh in place.

2. How Durable is the Lock System

Look for a security screen that offers above standard lock features. A 3-point lock system is highly recommended because it can also act as a fall protection feature that is helpful if you have small kids in the house.

3. The Security Screen is Tested for Australian Security and Safety Standards

Check for high safety ratings. A good screen door should pass Australian Standard certifications for:

  • fire attenuation
  • knife shear test (how well a mesh can withstand knife tears)
  • Jemmy test (how well a door can repel an attack on its hinges)
  • cyclone impact
  • pressure and load capacities (how well the screen mesh can stand pressure before it breaks)

4. Customisation Options and a Good Product Guarantee

You’ll also want customisation options for the type of door that you want and if you can avail of a long-standing guarantee.

Getting your security screen done right will not only add beauty to your home. The increased protection will be a wise investment in your home’s long-term safety. Contact Betta Security today for more information about security screens for your home.