How to Protect Your Front Door from Burglars

Did you know that 70% of break-ins in Australia happen through front doors? This makes a security door in Midland the most valuable asset a well-built home can have.

Don’t delay evaluating your home’s entry points so that you can protect your family and secure your valuables even more. The perfect time is now.

Tips on How to Improve Your Front Door Security

Here are proven tips on how to improve your front door’s security measures at home:

1.      Always Be Cautious

Do not open the front door for people you don’t know, especially those with no identification. There’s no such thing as being too careful – keep doors locked before you sit down to watch TV in the evening, not only when you’re leaving the house.

If you’re going on holiday, cancel all daily and postal deliveries, also ask neighbours to keep an eye on your property. Finally, advise the post office to hold all your mail until you get back.

2.      Invest in Secure Doors with a Good Locking Mechanism

While solid doors with peepholes are best, a sturdy security screen can add an extra layer of protection for your house. Both doors should have expert locking systems:

  • a deadbolt with chain, for the main door.
  • the screen door should be made of 316-grade stainless steel, with a 3-point lock feature. The screen should also pass the national standard for knife shear test and Jemmy test, which checks how well hinges repel lever attacks.

 3.      Keep Your Porch and Other Entry Points Well-lit

A brightly lit porch can deter most intruders from even considering your home as an easy target. You can also install motion-activated lighting for your side and back doors.

Reinforcing your main entry is a top priority if you want your family to peacefully rest every night. Call Betta Security today for expert help with your front door security!