Top 5 Features Your Security Doors Must Have

If you spend lots of time and hard-earned money looking after your home, it is important that you also invest in its security

Sure, doors with traditional locks and keys may work but they are not as secure as modern-day security doors. 

These doors come with fortified locks that remain secured from three sides. If you want to install one of these doors in your house, make sure it has the following features:

1. Australian-Made Security Doors

It’s possible that imported security doors cost less than Australian-made security doors, but they are not so durable. If you test the quality of these doors, you will find a huge difference. Australian-made doors are far more durable and would be worth your money. 

2. Design style

Installing security doors doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the design. There are many stylish security doors that would blend well with your home’s aesthetics. You can choose from a range of colours to suit your home. 

3. Customised design

The size of the door matters when you are installing a security door right at your entrance. Moreover customising the door size allows you to make the new door look the same as the other doors in your house. 

4. Three-point locking

This is a crucial feature that you should absolutely not miss while installing a security door. It ensures that no intruder can easily break into your house. 

In single-point locks, you only need to turn the key halfway into the edge of the door. On the other hand, in three-point locking systems, the top and bottom of your security door are also secured. 

There are two steel rods installed on the door’s inside that extend upwards and downwards vertically. When you lock the door, the latch’s rotary movement not only locks the door from its edge but also the top and bottom.

5. Strength and quality

When you are investing in a security door, you should always check its quality certificate. Most brands will advertise that their locks pass the quality and safety standards set by the government. Always choose a durable security door that comes with a warranty.

Keep Your Home in Ellenbrook Secure

Not installing a high-security door in your house may invite unwanted trouble. Don’t take that risk. Keep your family protected from burglars and intruders by installing a high-quality security door for your Ellenbrook home. Contact Betta Security today at (08) 9250 1502 for a free quotation.