What Is the Difference Between a Security Screen and a Safety Screen?

Once you decide to replace your old screens for your doors and windows or install new ones, you will have to choose whether to choose security screens or safety screens. Security screens and safety screens provide protection, good visibility and natural ventilation. They are, however, not the same products. 

It is crucial to choose the best security screen for your Ellenbrook house

What is a Security Screen?

  • A security screen offers protection from intruders. The design of a security screen is to keep out burglars. The companies use marine-grade stainless steel or structural alloy to make the mesh of their security screen. These materials are strong to secure the house. 
  • Companies do not use traditional mechanical fixings, like screws or rivets, to produce security screens. Instead, they use locking systems and hinges to produce security screens. 
  • Security screens provide maximum ventilation because of the durable mesh. 

What is a Safety Screen?

  • A security screen offers protection from bugs. The design of a safety screen is to keep bugs out and provide ventilation. Companies use fibreglass or aluminium to make their safety screen. Intruders can, however, penetrate these materials with the right equipment. 
  • You can, therefore, install them to keep out bugs since they cannot keep out intruders. It is better to install them on your second-storey windows. They can protect your young children from falling through. 
  • You can fit a triple locking system to your safety screen to enhance security. 

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Which Screen is Best for Your Ellenbrook House?

The best screen for your Ellenbrook house will depend on the level of protection you need in your house. It is cheap to install a safety screen. However, it can only keep out insects. A security screen, on the other hand, can increase the security of your home since it offers protection from intruders. 

How Betta Security Can Help You? 

Betta Security can help you decide whether to install a security screen or a safety screen. Once you make your decision, they can install the screen. If you are looking to install a security screen door but are not sure, call Betta Security for more details.

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