What Qualities Make A Security Screen Secure?

Everyone wants their doors to be as safe and secure as possible at all times. For this reason, many people seek to understand what makes a door secure. In other words, what can a homeowner do to make a security screen in Midland more secure? Here are factors that affect the effectiveness of your security screen door.

To ensure a security screen is of the highest quality, it should have these features:

1. Security Screen Reinforcements

A security screen with reinforcements such as big hinge screws, a strong strike plate and metal bars is very secure. This is because not only do they prevent break-ins, but they also prevent fall accidents. This is especially for storey buildings.

2. Fire Resistance Features

Security screens that have fire resistance features are always a safer option. This is especially in areas that are prone to bushfires.

3. Functional Locks

The ability to lock a door easily is essential for security purposes. In addition, the unlocking system to the doors should be hard to hack or compromise. This ensures that insider theft is prevented.

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Australian Standards

In Australia, security doors and screens must adhere to various standards. For example, each door must pass the strength test which is designed to mimic what an invader may do to obtain access to a home. Other standard tests that every door and security window must pass include impact test, pull test, probing test and knife test.

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